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Are you a Manitoba farmer who is:

  • selling your farm products directly to customers?
  • looking to advertise all of your products in one place?
  • open to connecting with other direct-marketing farmers?

Direct-marketing to the individual or wholesale customer is all about making a lasting first impression, and you want to be ready. Whether you are at a farmer’s market, a customer’s house for a delivery or a retailer dropping off a sample, it pays to be ready to tell the story of your farm.

Every farm has a story to tell, a story that Small Farms Manitoba can help you develop and share with others. The story of your farm tells a potential customer not only your history, it gives this person insight into the values and principles that are behind the work that you do and the products that you sell.

After signing up with Small Farms Manitoba, you will:

  • Create an individualized profile about your farm
  • Gain access to the "Members Only" section of the website
  • Connect to a network of direct-marketing farmers in Manitoba (events, resources Facebook group)
  • Receive monthly newsletters about opportunities for direct-marketing farm businesses

Once you create your profile, your farm will be placed on the Small Farms Manitoba map and visitors to the site will be able to view it. In addition to putting a face and story to the food, a farm profile outlines a farm's associations, retailer locations and employment opportunities. This profile is able to be edited by the member at any time through a secure log-in system.

The cost is just $50 for one year of running a profile with all privileges to posting information from your profile to all of the other directory pages (News page, Job Board, CSA, U-Pick, etc.)

For more information about creating and maintaining a profile on Small Farms Manitoba, download the 2017 Membership Package and Application Form.

If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining a profile on the directory, contact us.

What defines a Small Farm?

"Small Farm" refers not to land size, income or productivity but to the level of integrity that a farm carries. Members of Small Farms Manitoba operate small, medium and large farms, yet all of the products promoted on this directory are produced on a small-scale comparative within their industries and rely on direct-market sales to individual and wholesale customers.

Every member of Small Farms Manitoba works to connect directly with their customers in order to educate them about their production practices, gain feedback on their products and develop long-term buying and selling arrangements, all of which builds trusting relationships.

The members of Small Farms Manitoba are expected to uphold the following principles, which are affirmed by SFM through farm visits (at least one visit per member). Small Farms Manitoba takes pride in knowing each of its farm members.

A Member of Small Farms Manitoba is a farm businesses that…

1. … is single-family-owned and -operated

2. … relies on direct-marketing as a source of income

3. … is honest and transparent about its production methods

4. … is working to build relationships with its consumers

5. … is run by farmers who want a financially viable farm business

6. … is run by farmers who approach other farmers with an open attitude

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